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The Person

Chronos wishes to keep his human form anonymous. The following is currently known:

  • Chronos is not his real name.
  • Chronos is an adult male.
  • Chronos lives in New England.

The Fursona


Full Name: Chronos the Cat

Powers: Can travel through time. Can teleport.

Appearance: Chronos most often takes the form of a male anthropomorphic lyger (lion/tiger) with a blue mane, long blue hair, and tiger stripes. When he first appeared online his fur was tan; now it is light blue and his stripes dark blue.


For the Sister II arc in EGS, he is using his TF gun to assume female form, and is going by the name "Crystal the Cat".

My Inventory


Main Website: The Timecastle

Other Websites:

What Others Think

Inspired by other Bunnies' pages - post what you think of me here! (Or just any random thing you want to say that has something to do with me, I suppose.)

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